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Jenny 3rd Nov 2011 Activities Co ordinator


I have just left my position, or rather forced out due to bullying from management. Fifth staff member to leave in 12 months. It would appear that some managers and staff feel they have the right to treat the worker however they please. I am very sad to leave my position and my residents are devastated. Any one else been experiencing bullying and how did you deal with it
Jenny 24th Aug 2011 Activities Co ordinator


What happens at other facilities when a resident goes to hospital? Have residents signed a form to give permission to tell other residents of their hospital stay, if so what was the wording on the form signed. It is a problem, as the residents say they are like family to each other, but then are not allowed to know if anyone is in hospital. They do not want to know personal details, just their well being? Any suggestions would be welcome.