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Jane 7th Jan 2014 Clinical Behaviour Consultant (RN)


This is your life? Works beautifully with family support, photos and special friends visiting...
Jane 11th Jul 2013 Clinical Behaviour Consultant (RN)

Tips for Writing Successful Activity Programs for Senior Care

Card bingo......have 2 packs, one (large size to enhance positive outcomes) for caller and the second pack divided between players. Modify depending on level of cognition/dementia but even those quite impaired can manage 8-10.
Staff assist with residents to sort their own (each will have a natural preference)
Caller starts with cards face down and calls what it is...eight of hearts whilst allowing residents to see the card and compare/pick out their card.
All cards turned over (face down or put aside) is the winner; however to promote success call out until last card is turned over.
Great game, no cost. Residents often help each other so good social interaction as well as coordination
, thinking, strategy etc