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Carol 4th Apr 2023 Activities Coordinator

Blank Slate Word Game

I'm putting 'The White Board Game' on our next months calendar! Thanx for bringing it to my attention.
Carol 9th Jun 2020 Activities Coordinator


Hi Paraskevi
I use Microsoft Publisher. It is great software to make flyers, print birthday cards, newsletters ect. The program allows easier movement of photos and pictures plus text boxes can be placed anywhere ob the page. Its my favourite go to program.
Carol 9th Oct 2019 Activities Coordinator


Our Day Centre purchased a Croquet Set and made some blocks with holes in them for the hoops to sit in and use the Croquet Set indoors on the carpet. One of our clients previously played croquet and has helped guide use with our own inhouse rules.
Carol 8th May 2019 Activities Coordinator


Birthday cards to give to family or Friends.
Carol 8th May 2019 Activities Coordinator


We play a game called 'Confessional Hangman'. I'm not sure where I got the idea from but we use a variety of topics ( ie; proberbs,songs,household items, movies, icons in Australia ect) We have two teams and two different phrases to be solved. I use different coloured whiteboard markers to distinguish between the two phrases so each team doesn't get confused with which puzzle they are solving. We also use the Wheel of Fortune alphabet sheets (with the vowels covered) The clients keep track of the letters their team has chosen by covering the letters with washers as they are called. First team to solve their puzzle gets a tick.
Carol 13th Feb 2018 Activities Coordinator

Race Around Australian Trivia game

Fantastic Quiz idea. Thanks
Carol 25th Oct 2016 Activities Coordinator

TV & Movie Quiz 1

You can Google the actors/actresses names and print their photos from Google Images.
Carol 25th Oct 2016 Activities Coordinator


Sounds Great! Please share Kymberly :)
Carol 11th Oct 2016 Activities Coordinator

Lapel Paper Poppies

These paper poppies look very realistic and so easy to make, Thankyou for the video and pattern. I can see these making a beautiful visual on our window for Rememberance Day.
Carol 10th Jun 2014 Activities Coordinator


Have you tried playing soothing Dutch music at this time of the day? Pictures from Holland downloaded onto a DVD and played on the television. You don't need to have a lot of pictures as it isn't necessary to have them scroll too fast.