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Natalie 8th Apr 2014 program support worker

World Oceans Day Poster

We have as a group started this activity and glued them to a piece of calico...... It looks amazing Thank you
Natalie 4th Feb 2014 program support worker

Recycled Dream Spring Tree

What a great idea.I am getting my clients to paint the flowers then attach it to a piece of callico
Natalie 3rd Feb 2014 program support worker

Decoupage on Glass

Great idea !
Allison 6th Aug 2013 program support worker

Recycled Magazine Scrapbooks

What an absolute great idea will definitely try it myself
Allison 13th Aug 2012 program support worker

Armchair travel with Google Maps

I introduced my group to the world of "Google Earth" last week on the smart board in our group room, and it was a huge success! Lots of reminiscing and a few happy tears! Some of our clients who haven't seen family members in a long time also went on a"virtual visit", with the group dropping into Poland, Scotland and Germany. It's a great idea and cant wait to do it again.