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Sunbury Lions Communitty aged care

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Sunbury Lions Communitty aged care 16th May 2013 Lifestyle Coordinator

How to host a High Tea Party

We had alovely high tea for Mothers day, we invited Daughters grandaughter and Friends to come and enjoy afternoon tea with are residents, this was enjoyed so much we plan to put it on the calander Monthly.
We also have advertised in are newsletter if anyone have donation of items we could use at are High teas to make it a little more nicer.
Sunbury Lions Communitty aged care 24th Jan 2013 Lifestyle Coordinator

Lunch by the Bay

We take are residents to the county side in Mount Macedon or woodend 20 mins away and we either take a picnic lunch or do a sausage sizzle if BBq available , are residents loves it and men usally assisted with cooking BBq
Jenny 28th Aug 2012 Lifestyle Coordinator

Air Swimming Fish

Sound great where can we buy them from??