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Newcastle 20th Sep 2018 Activities officer

Footy Tipping

Thanks for the replies.
How I run the tipping is as follows:
I created a basic table in Word, 3 columns, Date, Team 1, Team 2
Then each week I updated the table with the teams playing for that week.
The following Monday, I tallied up the scores.
Printed out the table so ressies could see how they went.
At the bottom I listed the teams who won.
Created a basic spreadsheet in Excel where I kept a tally.
The actual paper copies were filed (i will dispose of them when it is all finished) in a separate file for that person only.
There is no money being placed and at the end we are having happy hour to coincide with the presentation.
Staff will also be dressing up for the day, and of course residents if they wish.
We will present each participant with a certificate with their score noted.