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Recreational Activities Officer From New South Wales, Australia

About Clarissa: I am an RAO in Western Sydney. I am in charge of 64 residents, and I am in charge of the Div Therapy dept. I have a casual RAO and a part time RAO. I am a systems freak! I follow everything to a T!!!!!!

You can contact me [email protected]

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Clarissa 6th Feb 2012 Recreational Activities Officer


Does anyone have any ideas for Birthday Morning tea???? I do it on the first Tuesday of the month, with all the people celebrating that month, I give them a coloured cupcake and a candle in there, we sing, hand out presents from our birthday box, and then I read their stars..... That is getting boring.... anyone have ideas??????????????????????
Clarissa 11th Nov 2011 Recreational Activities Officer

Hand Massage & Nail Care

I do nails twice a week. I have seperate snap lock bags with files and clippers, I have a 4 shelf plastic display, showing off all of the colours. I provide hand massages prior. The trick is do a nice hand massage AFTER the clipping/filing, then get your cotton ball and wipe off the nail with nail polish remover and then apply the paint.