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paula 5th Mar 2017 RLO


thank you so much for this site i use this every month, i do a flyer of whats on each month for my facility and use all the wonderful ideas, quizzes, trivia and craft. it makes my job so much easier.
paula 18th Mar 2016 RLO

Hangman & Variations

I play hangman all the time with my residents, i write a topic on the whiteboard such as All about Australia they love it, great activity .
paula 14th Aug 2015 RLO

Fun Riddle 3

my residents love the riddles need some more please :-)
paula 3rd Nov 2014 RLO

Collection of Fun Riddles

Thank you for the riddles my redisents love doing these. Can you please post some more.
paula 19th Jun 2012 RLO

Balloon Games

i play balloon tennis with my dememtia residents they all love it and have a good laugh
paula 8th Apr 2012 RLO

Art with Seeds and Pulses

i made these with my dementia residents, they really enjoyed doing it. they looked great.
paula 11th Dec 2011 RLO

Recycled Magazine Christmas Trees

Im not very good at craft, but i tried these and love them so easy to make, i got the residents to fold the magazines then i sprayed them and put glitter on, they turned out lovely :-)