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maryrose mintoff 4th Aug 2015 recreation Therapist

AFL Footy Tipping for Senior Care

We do Footy tipping too in our facility & have special lunch as well we have a footy day we have a special happy Hour at the end of the season Bring in an entertainer and sing all the footy teams songs and we give trophies to the first three footy tipping comp. & medals to all the others that participate .You find some trophy shops when you tell them it is for a nursing Home they will give you discount . Residents love it & enjoy the competition during
the season.
maryrose mintoff 9th Sep 2014 recreation Therapist


Hi Maria we have a local Ballroom group that come once a month to dance for us and if the Residents wants to join in they are welcome too but they love watching them,So find out if you have a local group in your area,
We have started bringing a gentleman that does leather work with our gentle men they love it even the women wants to join in .Good luck Maria.