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Sonia 26th Nov 2012 Activity Assistant


I work with a client that has little or no vision, is hard of hearing and it confined to bed. I am always on the look out for interesting activities to do with her.

We have worked on her life story, do her nails and hand and foot massages, I take her outside into our garden, I try to get her to fold "washing" for me, we have a box of rice that she gets items out off and trys to guest what they are, I usually try to read something to her, (local paper, poetry, jokes ect), although she does not always hear what I am saying, her sense of smell and taste is not so good either, I am running out of ideas, and she sometimes appears bored. Any suggestions?

Thanks for all the other ideas you have, I am always keen to see what new items you have. Keep up the good work
Sonia 16th Nov 2012 Activity Assistant

Christmas Crossword Puzzle

Love all your Christmas ideas