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Ruth 13th Apr 2015 Recreational Therapist

How to get started with Aromatherapy for Seniors

i have just completed cert iv aromatherapy and i did it through
the australian institute of applied sciences. i did it online or you can do at the campus in brisbane or sydney. its a very full on course not for the weak hearted but very good to teach what you need to know.
ruth 16th Apr 2014 Recreational Therapist

Pampering Facials for Senior Care

To cover infection control with foot spa use the coloured scented bags from one of the cheap shops place in foot spa before filling gives aromatherapy at same time as foot bag for each resident wash with hot soapy water between residents.
ruth 7th Jan 2014 Recreational Therapist

Monthly Activity Attendance Checklist - Individual

Hi Kate
I am in the middle of doing cert Iv in aromatherapy by online course it is fairly expensive,,I spoke to my facility manager and explained the benefits it could have for nursing home residents.
They gave me a scholarship payed by the company...put it to your manager. Try For information
ruth 7th Jan 2014 Recreational Therapist

How to Plan an Annual Event for Seniors

How about a mad hatters tea party with prizes for the best Alice costume or mad hat created by a resident if using in aged care facility.... Or a book week theme of their fav children's book include some school children
ruth 9th Feb 2012 Recreational Therapist

Recycled Magazine Christmas Trees

these trees turn out lovely as well if you glue tinsel on them and a few small ornaments if you also put some scratchies on them they make a great gift for that person who has everything already