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Recreation Activites Officer From New South Wales, Australia

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Madeleine 12th Sep 2013 Recreation Activites Officer

You could have an "identify that team" and just show the team colours. If you have a foam ball you could have a mark of the day comp! Just throw into the crowd and see if someone can catch it. You could do all the food for the afternoon tea in the grand final team colours.
Madeleine 12th Sep 2013 Recreation Activites Officer

I have had guest spekers for the men. They also like to have lavish morning teas where once I have served the food they seem to do all the talking. You could have some discussion topics if they need help to start the conversation.
Madeleine 12th Sep 2013 Recreation Activites Officer

I run an exercise program and use a website that sells music for the fitness industy They have dedicated seniors music with a steady beat, the series is called Silver Sneakers and there are many to choose from.
Madeleine 9th Sep 2013 Recreation Activites Officer

I don't think it should be an expectation that you will work in your own time. I now make a conscious effort not to work out of my allocated hours. When I run out of time during the week I just tell people I haven't had time. Residents can see I am busy so I had to make the decision to do it. We don't get paid enough as it is so why should they get even more hours out of us for nothing. It further devalues our roles.
I run exercise classes ( I could eran $50 and hour if i was working in a fitness centre), host events (what do events coordinators get paid by the hour?), organise and run bus excursions (tour guides salary) and then there are all the other little things I do. $20 an hour is a joke. I know I sound bitter and twisted but I actually love my job and the residents I work with. It's managements attutide that gets you down. I'm am in a fortunate position that I don't have to deal with other staff members who don't value my role. I'm not sure I could cope if i had that as well.
Patricia, I woujld be pulling out my job description and asking where it states working in your own time. Do the RN's, AIN's and EN's have to work in their own time?
Madeleine 14th Aug 2013 Recreation Activites Officer

Golden Girl Fashions are in Sydney. great clothes and always do well in our facility. I'm sure Julie can help you out.
Madeleine 29th May 2013 Recreation Activites Officer

Armchair Travel: A Sensory Experience for Seniors

You could show the movie The Best Ever Marigold Hotel. It's long but very good and very authentic. Cooking some indian cakes or food or making lassi drinks. Perhaps some dance routines from Bollywood movies, they are always fun to watch.
Madeleine 25th Mar 2013 Recreation Activites Officer


If you are after visits from dogs you could try the local dog clubs. They often have groups that do tricks and are happy to show off their dogs to people.
Madeleine 8th Mar 2012 Recreation Activites Officer

Where I am we are called Recreational Activities Officers or RAO's. I just refer to myself as an Activites Officer. I have much higher qualifications but don't find it at all demeaning and would hate to be called a diversional therapist. I don't just coordinate activities but unless you do this type of job it is very hard to have an understanding of all the other things that are involved in the smooth running of Activities. I don't do any diversions but I do provide activities that enrich peoples lives.