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Chantal 3rd Feb 2014 Recreation Therapist


Hi Leona, we have just started trialling a later finishing time for our Lifestyle team so that we can accommodate our Dementia Specific Unit during sundowning. The things I have noticed that they seem to love is trivia (olden days), I give them the first line of a song and they try to remember it and sing what they know. Also word games they love like trying to remember old sayings or proverbs etc. But the thing we found particularly interesting was when we tried to remember old nursery rhymes which was funny and very enthusiastically enjoyed by all residents. Charades is another one they get very amused by (I do the acting) and they are actually quite good at it. We also walk for 15mins before we sit and do our activity as it gets them out in the fresh air, they really enjoy it, we discuss the plants and outside life and it relaxes them immensely. Hope some of this is helpful.
Chantal 9th Sep 2013 Recreation Therapist

Recycled Dream Spring Tree

This Spring tree has taken on a life of its own in our facility. Since first doing it last year we now keep the trunk of the tree and change the leaves according to the seasons. Spring is now here so winter leaves (which we collected from around trees outside) are now removed waiting for new growth. Such a lovely idea which our residents really love to look at.
Chantal 14th Aug 2013 Recreation Therapist


Thanks all for your shopping suggestions. I am in Sydney (sorry for not mentioning that important bit of helpful info) so most of your ideas couldnt work for me. I do have Frocks n Frill to you that comes in but am looking for a number of suppliers. Since the last post I have found a great shoe lady with very age appropriate shoes but would like one more clothing supplier. I never thought of Millers so thanks for that suggestion. I will follow it up.
Chantal 2nd Aug 2013 Recreation Therapist


Hi, do any of you know of people who do clothing sales in aged care facilities. I have a lady that comes in with shoes and another with jewellery but just cant find an inhouse clothing supplier. We have a lot of residents who just cant get out anymore and this would benefit them immensely. Thanks
Chantal 17th Jun 2013 Recreation Therapist

Hi Robert, we have a mens group and they originally met for the first time to discuss just what it was they wanted to achieve all meeting together. So now they have discussions on various subjects e.g. world wars, current affairs, snooker and lunch at the local RSL, paint the outdoor furniture on 2 days a year, assembled planter boxes for the garden, put together other residents flat pack furniture, build models of dinosaurs, cars, volcano, work trolleys etc. They just do something each week from the list of 'interests' they put forward in the first session. Sometimes they have a mens only bbq, where only the men can cook but everyone is welcome to have cocktails sausages on a piece of bred for afternoon tea. They have gone to a rugby match, played marbles and dominoes and generally have a laugh. It is wonderful to see and also very well attended. Hope some of these ideas have helped you. Good luck!
Chantal 11th Feb 2013 Recreation Therapist

Sensory Lap Quilt

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Chantal 24th Apr 2012 Recreation Therapist


Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could give me some ideas' for gifts for Mothers Day. I have run out of original ideas now and am really struggling to think of something. Our budget is VERY tiny.