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Elspeth 18th Sep 2014 Activities Officer


Hi Julianne
We run $2 sweeps and give a prize to 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Money back to the last horse. Staff make up incomplete sweeps. We have the horses' names and colours to give the residents so they know who to barrack for during the race while we enjoy a happy hour.

Some years during morning tea I ask the residents to think what name they would call a race horse and the staff vote which is the best one.
Some years we have a giant floor game and the residents throw dice to get their horse around the "track".
Once in a low care facility we made life sized horse heads and paper jokey hats before the day and the residents put them on their walkers (and heads). We took photos. Now we use them as decorations.
Elspeth 2nd Sep 2014 Activities Officer


What is best practice regarding Mothers and Fathers day gifts to residents? If our facility is considering a small gift on Mothers Day, should it be to just the Mothers or to all the women? Likewise on Fathers Day would you give a small gift to just the fathers or to all the men?
Elspeth 13th Jul 2012 Activities Officer

Board Games Olympic Day Activity

2008 Olympic games St Anne\'s held an Olympic Activities day. There were some very positive comments about 2 events I organised that are different from the ones you have already mentioned:
A ribbon twirling competition with a 2m ribbon attached to a cardboard roll : residents take turns to create artistic patterns. Our residents were already divided into 2 teams, so one team got to choose the best performer from the other team and vice versa).
Weightlifting competition: I made an enormous dumbbell out of cardboard and we took photos of each resident pretending to strain as they lifted it. The other residents were encouraged to yell out support and clap each person\'s act. It was a great \"icebraeker and this year I will hold this competition at the beginning of the session (after \"warm up\" exercises)
yours faithfully, Elspeth Holgate