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Activities Co-ordinator From Western Australia, Australia

About Mandy : Hello, I renewed my subscription on the 18/06/2019 & have been unable to access any activities as it is coming up members only can I have some help with this issue please

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Mandy 27th May 2014 Activities Co-ordinator

Typical British words and phrases

This made me laugh, being a POM i could add so many differant ones to this, especailly as we have so many dialects. That has given me an idea :)
Mandy 12th Mar 2014 Activities Co-ordinator

Card Bingo

We play this but with the large print cards made into a bingo board with 4 rows of 4 cards stuck to cardboard. We tehn call out from a large print pack each card as we turn it over. Once a client has filled their card of 16 they shout Hoy and win a prize. The cleints love it
Mandy 7th May 2012 Activities Co-ordinator

Joyful Dog Visits for Seniors

This sounds like a fantastic idea, would anyone know of any Pets as Therapy organisations that visit day centres etc based in WA, i used these in the UK for clients and they where so theraputic, and stimulating for clients.
Thanks Mandy Holmshaw