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Danielle 17th Jan 2019 Diversional Therapist

16 Ways to Promote Social Inclusion in Senior Care

I would suggest the morning of this pop up café, give residents a card for a free coffee and cake. Like we get at cafes to generate customers. This will promote a sense of belonging and a personal invitation will go a long way. Make sure you give each resident a few cards and tell them to bring any friends and family along.
Have the set up like a normal café with tables for each group of people that come if possible. Play soft instrumental music in the background, have a coffee brewing in the café for the smells and if you have access to one, have a cake or something baking on a small oven for the smells also. Have flowers on each table with a lovely table cloth. Have a set menu with everything you are able to offer: keep it simple with about 3 food and drink options (you don't want too many otherwise it will be soo hard to manage. You can give your residents who attend a little chocolate upon leaving the café. Hope this helps :)
Emma Mitchell 5th Sep 2012 Diversional Therapist


Hi there, just wondering if you know of any suitable entertainers for our facility? We are running low!