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Lynne 30th Dec 2014 Lifestyle Assistant

End of Year Message 2023

Thank you Solange
Yes it has been an exhausting year, especially years end. But very rewarding in the most unexpected ways. Thank you for the Golden Carers site, it has been most invaluable. Wishing yourself and all Golden Carer members a wonderful new year full of new and inspiring activities and events for all our residents. Without them there would not be an us. Lynne VIC
Lynne 30th Dec 2014 Lifestyle Assistant

Weather Station Activities for Seniors

Another one:

Red sky at night is a sailors delight

Red sky in the morning is a sailors warning

Lynne VIC
Lynne 30th Dec 2014 Lifestyle Assistant

Countdown to Noon!

I've just read this and going ahead with the balloons tomorrow. Thought to bring a large fitted sheet. I must admit we have many pylons and cross beams within our main lounge area. Tie each corner of sheet cross ways with fishing line, post a staff member on each corner and tip in unison at appropriate time. I hope this sounds accurate as sometimes it is hard to image other peoples instructions. This will be done after our live entertainment and will include low, high and dementia units. Happy New Year to All and thanks for sharing your ideas. Lynne
Lynne 29th Sep 2013 Lifestyle Assistant

Words in Words Game

Kathy, exactly what I have been doing, with great success. Sometimes giving them the first letter to help find the word. Although I find myself more in the dementia unit now, I will try with small words and any amount will be an absolute bonus. Cheers.
Lynne 29th Sep 2013 Lifestyle Assistant

School Days Reminiscing Cards

Would this be suitable for dementia residents, as I find too many questions confuse them. If someone has tried this out with success, please reply.
Lynne 14th Sep 2013 Lifestyle Assistant


I would like to hear from people about group serenity sessions in dementia ( secure area) residential aged care that may last for 45 minutes. I am running out of ideas as many residents are at different stages.
Lynne 14th Sep 2013 Lifestyle Assistant

Armchair Travel Group Play

I've tried this with a globe on a stand, but the ball would work so much better.
Lynne 1st Aug 2012 Lifestyle Assistant

20 Practical Activities for people living with Alzheimer’s Disease

Thanks for the 16 dementia activities. I am a newbie as a Lifestyle assistant and am finding dementia activities tricky. Thanks for your great insight. Lynne Wright