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Allied Health Assistant/ RN Div 2 From Victoria, Australia

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Maree 14th Oct 2014 Allied Health Assistant/ RN Div 2

Alphabet of Saints

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Maree 24th Mar 2013 Allied Health Assistant/ RN Div 2


Lort Smith Animal Hospital
Delta Dogs have usually been screened to go in to NH etc for their suitability. All dogs have to pass a stringent test before they are classed as registed with these orgainisation for the safety of the resident/client. They are tested for a whole ranger of things under different circumstances.
Maree 9th Feb 2013 Allied Health Assistant/ RN Div 2


I don't think the magazine is printed anymore. Another wesite

Box and Dice Activity Resources
PO Box 129
Maurie 8th Dec 2012 Allied Health Assistant/ RN Div 2


I have worked in both areas- I think both staff attitudes need to be addressed.

I see we make a difference to the clients wellbeing and we compliment what the nurses are doing as they do to our job. I don't see our roll as more important or less important.

I now work in Day programs and for that to run smoothly it takes a whole team of people starting with the clients and their needs. Follows through with a wide range of other staff from the taxi driver/bus driver who brings the clients in. To the people who mow the lawns collect the garbage, do maintanince. To the mail man, the person who delivers the meals, the courier, the entertainers that give up their time the volunteers, the person in the radio room at the taxi company, the volunteer coordinator Allied Health assistants CEO of the facility.

Until you can get your head around all of those people and many more people Dr's, District Nurse, Council workers, plumbers that keep the toilets unblocked etc etc etc you are going to have issues.

We all compliment each other. I know this sounds very broad but having been Div 2 (still am) 16yrs and now working in recreation since 1987 I have got my head around all the areas it takes for 1 client to be happy.

We are not Gods gift to recreation we are working as a TEAM for that persons well being.
Maree 27th Sep 2012 Allied Health Assistant/ RN Div 2


We were looking for easy games for AFL grandfinal and the NRL finals
something that happens every year in september