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recreational therapist From Victoria, Australia

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Lynne 13th Mar 2014 recreational therapist

Sensory Lap Quilt

I have made a sensory mat specifically for gentleman: made out of 2 layers of heavy denim sewn in grids. I slipped a flat non-rusting metal washer into each grid before sewing the lines closed to provide weight, texture, and movement for exploring hands. On the "top" layer of denim, before sewing the grids, I attached leather lacing to be tied and untied, metal rings, a large "blokey" zipper, and even a man sized gardening glove sewn to the edge so a hand could be placed in the glove and used to explore the different textures. It is not as colourful as my Ladies lap mat but certainly suits the men.
Lynne 29th Jan 2014 recreational therapist

Ladies Discussion Group

I brought my collection of antique/vintage Singer Sewing Machines in for one of our Ladies' Groups including an old hand crank machine. I also brought in the contents found in the drawers of my Garndmothers' treadle sewing machine. Little scraps of old lace, buttons, wooden handled screw drivers, elastic and even old hair pins were admired and chatted over. I now try to always have a little mystery something I've found in an Op shop or estate sale for each week for the Ladies to examine and chat about.