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Julie 17th Jan 2013 CNS Diversional&Recreational Activities for the Elderly


Hello to all fellow activity persons. I really need your help regarding new ideas for a group of 11 residents where i work. These residents have varying disabilities such as Severe Dementia to sensory impairments and mobility impairments. 4 of these residents will attend activities elsewhere in the centre such as Baking, Snoozelen, Art, alongside activity programmes that are held in their unit but 7 decline as they do not like to leave their own unit We have the following activity programmes in place on their specific unit: Massage therapy, Quizzes, Reminiscence, Sing a longs, Afternoon Tea and Chat, Sorting Socks ( only 2 residents take part), Exercise, DVD's, CD's, Doll Therapy, Birthday Celebrations and Sonas aPc Programme ( a multisensory programme to aid the potential for communication). Whereas we have a lot available these programmes are begining to get stale as its getting harder to motivate these residents as they are getting a lot more dependant in regards to their needs and abilities. I am a qualified nurse and have 2 excellant care attendants with me. 1 is full time, the other is assigned to another area but always assists us in every activity and we would be lost without her.We get little or no assistance from any other member of staff. We really could do with some fresh ideas that could be implemented for these residents and suited to their needs and abilities. Thank you in advance.
Julie 8th Dec 2012 CNS Diversional&Recreational Activities for the Elderly


Sorry to hear about the hassel you are having. Keep doing what you are doing. You are there for the residents you are caring for and obviously doing a great job.

REPORT that nurse, that type of behaviour is not acceptable. Some nurses don't understand the importance of recreational activities for the elderly. I am a nurse myself and if other nurses don't see a group activity taking place they presume that nothing is on.

Individual activities are just as important to ensure that all residents have access to a meaningful activity. Why was that nurse in the room when you were doing Bowls? Why didn't she join in rather than give orders?

Seems to me like she needs some education on recreational activities and how to treat people. She seems to be abusing her position.

All residents are important and none of us would like to see a person falling. However stating one person is more important than the others is not on.

You were in the room so all residents were supervised and stimulated.
Julie 1st Nov 2011 CNS Diversional&Recreational Activities for the Elderly


Hi Pam. I hope you didn't think i was giving you a hard time also that was not what i intended to do. I may be a nurse but i do appreciate all the assistance i get from students on voluntary placement. I don't think everyone understands the necessity of meaningful activities for the elderly. The nurse who bullied you clearly doesn't nor does he/she know the meaning of team work. I to get grief from other nurses and have gone home from work in tears but i know the residents i care for enjoy the activity programmes provided.I wish you all the best in your next placement not all places are like that one. If you ever come to Athlone Ireland you would be more than welcome to my place of employment. Take care and all the best.
Julie 30th Oct 2011 CNS Diversional&Recreational Activities for the Elderly


Hi Pam. I am an activity nurse facilitating activity programmes where i work. Throughout the year we would have students on work placements and i can honestly say that they are great at assisting me. I am disgusted at my nursing colleague's treatment to you. He/she seems to have forgotten about not only maintaining the dignity of residents but your dignity also. Any professional knows not to air grievences in front of residents. Don't let him/her upset you, you are doing a great job while on placement ensuring the quality of life of the residents is ehanced. Some professionals can feel put out if it isn't them not giving orders. Stand up for yourself but not in front of residents call the nurse aside and explain how you felt. No one should be reduced to tears when you know you are doing a good job.
Julie 13th Sep 2011 CNS Diversional&Recreational Activities for the Elderly


Hi everyone. Just wondering if anyone would have any ideas for a group of residents with varing conditions from advanced dementia to communication difficulties and visual impairements that they could do on their own while i was facilitating other activities in the unit. I have put a rummage box in sitting room but not proving successful as only one resident so far has taken any interest in it. Other staff appear not to have the time or interest to supervise. Whilist i am not in this sitting room all residents have is the TV which is really not meaningful to them. The residents don't interact with each other due to their illness etc when i am not in the sitting room. Any advise would be grateful. Thank you.
Julie 11th Aug 2011 CNS Diversional&Recreational Activities for the Elderly


Hi Lisa. In regards to cutting residents nails where i work as an activity nurse i cut finger nails only but so do other nursing staff. Chiropodist cuts toenails. When i cut residents nails i also paint them( female residents) so we turn into a beauty session which they love. During these sessions residents open up and will talk about their lives. All females love to be pampered. Good luck in your new post.
Julie 25th Jul 2011 CNS Diversional&Recreational Activities for the Elderly


Hi Lesley what a brillant idea. I am going to speak to my Line Manager to see about adopting this idea. Hope you don't mind.
Julie 4th Jul 2011 CNS Diversional&Recreational Activities for the Elderly


I would just like to complement all activity personnel and therapists in both Australia and New Zealand. Here in Ireland based on my experience the post is not recognized as a valid one. All activity nurses and carers that i know have to face negative comments on a daily basis.Its very hard to keep motivated for your residents when some staff just don't see the necessity of providing meaningful stimulation for the elderly. Not all units are the same but we still have a long way to go. On the plus side the residents i care for enjoy the activity programme and at the end of the day thats all that matters.
Julie 11th May 2011 CNS Diversional&Recreational Activities for the Elderly


Hi there. I work as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Diversional&Recreational Activities for the elderly. I work in a 43 bedded long stay unit. While i know the residents enjoy the activities programme available my biggest problem is other staff. They view my job as a "cushy" one and their comments are very often demeaning. Does anyone have any suggestions to motivate other staff to get involved and see the job as a vital and necessary one. Management are very supportive.
Julie 27th Apr 2011 CNS Diversional&Recreational Activities for the Elderly


I am so pleased to find this website. I have searched for a long time for such a website. I am a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Diversional and Recreational Activities for the Elderly. I will be seeking membership. Thank you.