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Dianne 23rd Oct 2012 Recreational Activities Officer

Templates from famous artists born in July

Could we please have more of these. PLEASE
Dianne 22nd Oct 2012 Recreational Activities Officer


This is a great site
Di Rudd
A quick game I always carry with me26 cards each one with the alphabet letter. If news and views is too doom and gloom I will finish off with the alphabet cards. i hold up a letter and ask for a "Flower" starting with P.
A colour starting with B. . The list is endless with such a simple game..
The cards are in very large bold print to assist the hearing impaired. I also have the questions to hold up. this. At times can be to confusing with the two cards. Of course this can be played also on a white board..
Some of my clients come up with a few funnies
Dianne 22nd Oct 2012 Recreational Activities Officer

20 Practical Activities for people living with Alzheimer’s Disease

Cover a large table with table cloths. I use fitted sheets to cover my tables for activities. Put on the table a large assortment of artificial flowers, vases, twine etc. The visual sensory attracts everyone, including the men.
some will place flowers in vases, others will touch and reminisse. ive had the men twining bunches of flowers together for the ladies. be prepared for your residents to take tese to there rooms.. Keep any damaged flowers that have no stems as these are great for decorating hats for Melbourne Cup. We also make our own Anzac flowers during Flower Decorating. The reason I use a fitted sheet is to prevent it being pulled off and I can shake the excess into the bin after the activity
Dianne 22nd Oct 2012 Recreational Activities Officer

Aromatherapy Recipes

If your facility does not allow touch( Massage) try making sprays for pillows etc and room sprays with essential oils
Dianne Rudd 7th Sep 2012 Recreational Activities Officer

Intrusive Behavior Care Plan Sample

Hi. Yes thats a hard one. i have gone outside and put fake flowers in the ground for the residents to pick. just need to keep putting them back when you find them lying around.
Could laminate some nice signs that say
please enjoy the flowers but please dont pick me, Thats if your client can read.
We do flower arranging. we have a large selection of cheap artificial flowers 1St I place a fitted bed sheet on the table then put all the flowers on the table. some men weiil also join in due to the sensory stimulation. Good luck.
diannerudd 7th Sep 2012 Recreational Activities Officer

Intrusive Behavior Care Plan Sample

You really need to know the persons Life history to work with most behaviours.
Example: We have many R.N's in our Dementia unit who are patients. They are invited to our staff meetings and training sessions if appropriate. Another resident who was also an R.N likes to sort out our linen trolley. The afternoon staff ask her to help give out the linen with them.
Another lady grew up in an orphanage in India. She likes to bring water to the back door so we can have water for the cooking/ cleaning etc. we allow this but will remove this when she is occupied with other things.
I think the main thing is being switched on to where they are currently in their minds with there dementia and how old they think they are.
Doll Therapy works well but there are lots of protocols and guidelines to follow and EVERYONE must treat the dolls as real babies .
Food activities are great for the sundowners, i find this settles most residents