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Activities Officer From New South Wales, Australia

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Johnette 25th Jan 2019 Activities Officer


Thank you so much for the Australia Day Bingo and Race Around Ausyralia Trivia Games. We played them on Tuesday and Thursday this week as part of our Australia Day Celebrations and they were wonderful!!!!!!
My Residents and Clients want to play them again next week.
Thanks again Golden Carers..... you are my best friend and help me deliver quality activities.
Johnette 9th Feb 2018 Activities Officer

This Day in History for Seniors: January

This is a fabulous resource!! I use it everyday.... Thank you Golden Carers !!!!
Johnette 10th Apr 2017 Activities Officer

Easter Bingo for Senior Care

Fantastic!!! my Day Centre LOVE BINGO!!!! Cant wait to play tomorrow.
Thank you so much
We will have to do one for Christmas!!
Johnette 2nd Nov 2015 Activities Officer

Horse Race Floor Game

We play tis every Melbourne Cup Day!!! We usually have 2 or 4 tables and it is a real race to finish first.
Thanks Golden Carers!!!
Johnette 4th May 2014 Activities Officer

Collection of Fun Riddles

Thanks for these Fun Riddles....... my Day Centre Clients love them, they are a great activity!!
Johnette 21st Feb 2014 Activities Officer


Where will I find previous Riddles..... I have printed some and used them, but didn't keep a copy.... my group love them.
Thanks, Johnette
Johnette 21st Feb 2014 Activities Officer

Fun Riddle 10

I love these riddles!!! so do my clients!
Johnette 21st Feb 2014 Activities Officer

St Patrick's Whiteboard Game

This will be a great activity.... thank you!
Johnette 21st Feb 2014 Activities Officer

Winter Olympics Snowman Competition

This is a fun activity.... my clients want to do it again! We made lots of mess with the shredded paper.. They are going to keep their groups, but each group is going to choose their own theme and bring in the necessary pieces. We should have very interesting snowmen!!!
Johnette 21st Feb 2014 Activities Officer

Short Story - Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and Big Bopper Remembered

Great activity, my clients loved the nostalgia...... thank you!