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Recreation Therapist From Wellington , New Zealand


Valerie 5th Jun 2013 Recreation Therapist

Name Change of Countries and Places

You might want to check the Zaire to Congo as the question was on Do you want to be a Millionaire and the person said zaire and got it wrong. Val
Valerie 5th May 2013 Recreation Therapist

Recycled CD Fish Mobile

I have just printed out the friendly version but there is no templates for the fins, tail, mouth and eyes.
I was going to do this with my residents this week.

Val from NZ.
Valerie 6th Jan 2013 Recreation Therapist

Paper Planes Reminiscing Game

Making airplanes sounds like a great idea. Do you have any templates as I only know how to make one sort.
Love your site.
Val from NZ.
Valerie 9th Dec 2012 Recreation Therapist

Christmas Colouring-in

Thankyou so much for the Christmas Templates, they will be very useful this week as we start to gear up for Christmas. Val NZ
Valerie 6th Oct 2012 Recreation Therapist


I have just joined in the last few days and I am finding this site so wonderful and interesting. You have made my job so much easier.
Thank you very much
Val from NZ