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Recreation Therapist From Wellington , New Zealand

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Valerie 5th May 2013 Recreation Therapist

Recycled CD Fish Mobile

I have just printed out the friendly version but there is no templates for the fins, tail, mouth and eyes.
I was going to do this with my residents this week.

Val from NZ.
Valerie 6th Jan 2013 Recreation Therapist

Paper Planes Reminiscing Game

Making airplanes sounds like a great idea. Do you have any templates as I only know how to make one sort.
Love your site.
Val from NZ.
Valerie 9th Dec 2012 Recreation Therapist

Christmas Colouring-in

Thankyou so much for the Christmas Templates, they will be very useful this week as we start to gear up for Christmas. Val NZ
Valerie 6th Oct 2012 Recreation Therapist


I have just joined in the last few days and I am finding this site so wonderful and interesting. You have made my job so much easier.
Thank you very much
Val from NZ