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Diversional Therapist From Queensland, Australia

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Wellington 2nd Mar 2020 Diversional Therapist


could you please send some information about the doll to [email protected]
thank you.
Wellington 3rd Jul 2018 Diversional Therapist

One-on-One Checklist to Record Monthly Visits

Such a useful form. GC continually amazes me with its tools for us all to have so much more scope and assistance, to do our job, in the best way possible. Thank You!
Wellington 6th Feb 2018 Diversional Therapist

This Day in History for Seniors: March

Thank you so much for This day in History ! Our Residents really enjoy and look forward to this daily. Sometimes I write the anagram on the board, so during the activity they are thinking about it. Other times we end our activity by reading the sheet and working out the puzzle together. it really is an awesome idea.