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Recreational therapist From Queensland, Australia

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Kathy 30th Dec 2015 Recreational therapist

Words in Words Game

Other than finding words in words, our game afternoon includes:
- Brain Teasers and picture riddles on board to start (to keep residents entertained while I am preparing)
- hang man (people's names, sayings, phrases like Merry Christmas)
- scatergories (having a list of items like food, profession, etc and picking a letter they have to start with. e.g. 'S')
- writing a four letter word on the board and having each resident change one letter to make a new word
- words unscramble
- memory (putting ten items out on display, briefly, and having them name them all at the end of the activity)
- find words with a certain word in. e.g. cat, a word meaning to throw around - sCATter
- Just a few we use. I always try to change it up and use a theme, if relevant. For New Year's I will decorate with streamers and balloons, and have word games relating to it. I also try to be mindful of those who have limited sight, so activities where you don't have to write anything down or read is good.
Kathy 4th Sep 2013 Recreational therapist

Recycled Dream Spring Tree

This was a huge success in our facility in Qld. I loved to offer this because everyone could contribute, regardless of their abilities. Everyone is commenting how bright and beautiful it has made their home. Thankyou.
Kathy 4th Sep 2013 Recreational therapist

Anagram Quiz

This is exactly the type of word game I am looking for to use at our weekly "Happy Hour". Thankyou
Kathy 13th Feb 2013 Recreational therapist

Whiteboard Word Challenge

I do this activity every week, and prior to the activity, I get all the possible words that can be made. As an extra incentive I give a small gift to the person who can choose the longest word possible from my list.
Kathy 3rd Nov 2012 Recreational therapist

Words in Words Game

I do this every week with my residents, and they never seem to tire of it. Our goal is usually 100 words. On the internet you can get all the solutions for a word, so to make the activity a little more interesting, you can give clues for certain words they have to find. For example, one of the words might be lounge, so you could give them the clue that the word they have to find is a piece of furniture.