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Carol 23rd Jul 2014 Leisure and Lifestyle Coordinator


Rosie I am not sure where you are from but there is a multi cultural library where they lend you up to 10 items and pictures of the country you are visiting.
I am from SA and our library is on Henley beach road. Mile End.
Carol 17th Dec 2013 Leisure and Lifestyle Coordinator


Hi Lorraine 18th Dec 2013
If you ring your local bowling club they may have an old one you can buy or some of them donate to facilities. I purchased one from our local club for $100.00 in very good condition. they donated two sets of bowls, a measuring tool and a hoop with a handle to collect the balls with. Hope this will help you.
Carol 28th May 2013 Leisure and Lifestyle Coordinator

Armchair Travel: A Sensory Experience for Seniors

Has anyone any ideas for activities to do with india