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Dot 30th Sep 2014 Diversional Therapist

Doll Therapy and Dementia

Used to love doll therapy until a resident, and those near her, became very distressed by the "dead" baby because it did not move. Now have interactive kitten, the small one. When this kitten has not moved for some time, a cuddle/stoke will cause it to move.
So as always we need to monitor.
Dot 23rd Sep 2014 Diversional Therapist


Most of them available free in App Store. Lots of ideas in Alzheimer, type in word. Information, ideas and games. Free app of the day comes up with random games and unusual topics. Residents here love anatwist, 4pictures 1word, lots of trivia games, and Ginger and Tom cats. One dementia resident will talk to Ginger Cat who repeats everything she says for an hour or so. She loves him. Daily riddles and jokes, many musical instruments available eg my little piano. Use Google earth to show them facility, locality or where they used to live, or anywhere. Also show them the games their grandchildren play. Use it at book club to expand on topics, or some residents play solitaire as they don't have to shuffle the cards.
The list will just grow.
Dot 16th Jan 2014 Diversional Therapist


Saw an idea recently about turning photos into a few piece jigsaw, so that when it is finished it is resident eg your Mum/family member or memory from her childhood, or from era that she remembers. Reproducing photos today is quite inexpensive and it would not be difficult to mount it on cardboard, or take it to your local Men's [community] shed who could probably turn it into a very inexpensive wooden puzzle/s. I plan to try it myself. Think would be great 1:1, but already works well with images of yesteryear particularly household or farming subjects. Hopefully meaningful.
Dot 2nd Jan 2014 Diversional Therapist


We are looking at posting our facility on facebook, so that residents, families and reps can access what we may post [with permission.] Has any aged care unit done this? What the experience positive or negative?