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karen 13th Apr 2019 Activities Officer

Festive Wall Art Craft

Hi, I recently made the Easter bunnies with this activity, To see the shape more clearly I trimmed the curled paper down. The heart shape would be fine with the original instructions. The bunnies are on display and look really terrific.
Karen ( AO)
Amaroo Aged Care
karen 9th Apr 2019 Activities Officer

Italian Themed Party Ideas

Barbara, could you give the list of ingredients and quantities for your Italian dip? Cheers
karen 13th Jan 2019 Activities Officer

Easy Gardening Activities

In our garden area we have 3 raised garden beds. One for succulents, then herbs and finally flowers. A few residents help to look after these and other just enjoy being outside. I always tell them afternoon tea is included...The area is enjoyed by staff and families. Also we have a small vege patch built by the local High School boys. The tomatoes and basil are growing like mad, told staff to pick them regularly to keep them growing. Finally its a pleasure to have this special area!
karen 29th Dec 2018 Activities Officer

2018 Chinese New Year Poster - Year of the Dog #3

We are celebrating Chinese New year for 2019. Could you show posters etc for the Year of Pig? Thanks
karen 4th Dec 2018 Activities Officer


Hi Robyn, on a slightly practical note. Have you seen a job description for your position?. Your manager should have this. You need to have the chat about what is expected otherwise it can be all consuming and really overwhelming. I have worked as an AO for over 15 years and a school teacher before that. AO's need to be organised but have an idea where they are heading with residents and activities. You will also need support from staff and management.Good luck and be prepared to ask.
AO Amaroo Aged Care
karen 2nd Oct 2018 Activities Officer


I have a garden area outside our facility. I have found taking a small group of residents outside in the fresh air, sunshine, they are calmer. They can listen to the birds, help plant new plants , water the garden or just enjoy morning tea. I enjoy reminiscing with them about their gardens or what they did outside at their place. Good luck !!


Karen Hynds AO
karen 6th Feb 2018 Activities Officer

International Flag Decorations

Could we please have the flag for Sth Korea re the Winter Olympics?. Also, do you have a template for the games in Pyeong Chang this year?. Thank you for a great site.
karen 27th Jan 2018 Activities Officer

Vive la France Party!

Hi ,I love Paris and France so I'm looking at your Bastille Day party activities. Like the idea of the French artist- very French street appeal!! We have fun theme days so I'll be planning our Vive-la -France party for July. Better get the" Bernina" out to run up a few checked tablecloths and some old wine bottles with the melted candles! Cheers!
Bon Soir
AO in Newcastle NSW.
karen 25th Apr 2017 Activities Officer

Bird Photography Display Day + Photography Tips

I have laminated my A4 bird photos then either cut them into 1/3rds or 1/4. I demonstate to my Special Needs / Dementia residents how to put the puzzle back together. I then help them have a turn . Gradually they can try themselves. I often find they can be involved in reminiscing or 1:1 chats. Make sure the photos are large enough for the vision impaired residents. While this activity is happening I play my" NZ native bird song" CD, , the nurses are "crazy" for this CD!!
karen 2nd Mar 2017 Activities Officer

20 Practical Activities for people living with Alzheimer’s Disease

While sorting out my activity boxes that are used with our Special Needs residents, I found my marbles/rubber bath mat activity. Turn the bath mat over and you have lots of rubber suction cups.With the resident, I then demonstate placing a marble on several suction cups. We also talk about the different sized/coloured marbles and make patterns. It's quite a relaxing activity as they watch/focus on the marbles.Also, I purchase boxes for each activity, label them and keep track of their contents. If staff wish to use them when AO's are not working, I remind them to return to the trolley when finished with. It's a shame if your hard work is misplaced. Education is key.Cheers all!