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Felicity 5th Aug 2014 lifestyle coordinator


Hello Kerry,
we have an annual memorial service once a year at our facility.
We invite residents, familiiies and volunteers to join us.
Our memorial service is facilitated by our site chaplain.
a theme is selected and the service is created in line with that.
We have a display board with displays photos of all the residents that have passed in the last 12months.
Our services usually run for 45 minutes.
Several staff are involved in the service from placing cut roses into a vase as the names of the residents are read out.
Appropraite hymns such as amazing grace and the lord is my sheppard are sung.
if you google sympathy versus some are lovely and able to be used in memorial services.
Also when a resident passes away at our facility. we creat a memorial book and display a photo of the resident with a battery operated candle and a vase of flowers and allow residents, staff and volunteers the opportunity to say goodbye.
Hope that helps.
Felicity 31st May 2013 lifestyle coordinator

Chick Hatching Program for Seniors

I recently ran this porgram at my facility for Easter, it was very well recieved from all residents, staff and families