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Annemarie 24th Nov 2016 Activities Coordinator


I'm thinking to introduce a fake bus stop in the facility to accomodate residents with dementia who want to go home. Can anyone give me suggestions in regards to where to place the busstop, preferably outside. Does it have to be near a road to make it real or can we place it along a footpath which would be much safer. Any other comments and experiences would be much appreciated!
Thanks, Annemarie
Annemarie 5th Apr 2016 Activities Coordinator

Footy Tipping

Hi Springhaven,
We've recently started the Footy Competition in the Aged Care Facility where I work. The problem we came accross was that each participant would need an individual email address when using the ESPN website which is a good site to use by the way. I've signed up for ESPN with the Footy competition for staff within the organisation so I receive all the information needed to work out the rounds. The graphic designer has made a form to enter all the teams per round. This sheet is handed out to the residents, residents fill in their tips for the week, we collate the forms and on Monday we check the results and fill in the Tipping chart. We don't play for money but for the honours of the week and the Wooden spoon of the week. These are perpetual trophies. So far it's working and we attract residents who may not come to other activities.
Have fun with it, Annemarie
Annemarie 22nd Oct 2014 Activities Coordinator


Hi Sandy, we are in Bentley WA.
Annemarie 14th Oct 2014 Activities Coordinator


Hi, I noticed the postcard exchange between Golden Carer members and that's a great idea. It made me wonder if we could start a postcard exchange between residents in facilities all over Australia?
Annemarie 8th Aug 2014 Activities Coordinator


Hi, does anyone have experience in starting up a choir with residents (and staff) in residential aged care? Please let me know your tips and ideas. Much appreciated, Annemarie
Annemarie 1st Nov 2013 Activities Coordinator


Hi, every year before Christmas we have a Christmas Variety Show in our aged care facility. We are running out of ideas for simple songs and skits to perform with residents and staff. So anyone with a good idea please let us know. We're happy to share our ideas as well. Thanks, Annemarie
Annemarie 19th Aug 2013 Activities Coordinator

Summer Yarn Balls

Hi, I love the idea of a Spring Ball. Any other ideas what to do for a Spring Ball? Thanks Annemarie