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Leanne 30th Jul 2014 Lifestyle Coordinator

15 Activities for Loners and Introverts in Senior Care

Thanks for a great article. I was thinking of hiring a couple of adult tricycles which would alleviate the balancing issue. We can organise our own 'tour de France' complete with a yellow guernsey! I love this job :)
Leanne 29th Jul 2013 Lifestyle Coordinator

Chick Hatching Program for Seniors

Hi, I am happy to supply the requested information. I hope this helps.

Contact for Chicken Hatching Program Activity
Carole Back
Phone: 1800 047 730
Fax: 07 5335 1612
email: [email protected]
Leanne 25th Feb 2013 Lifestyle Coordinator

10+ Benefits of Pet Therapy

Living Eggs have sites in most of Australia's capital cities, country areas are available in some instances. Go to for all the info ......... Good cluck! :)
Leanne 21st Feb 2013 Lifestyle Coordinator

10+ Benefits of Pet Therapy

I'm having wonderful success with a 'living egg' exhibit currently. Often run for school children, the company supplies an incubator & warming box with fertilized eggs. The residents have been 'mesmerized' by watching the baby chicks hatch, then we have a deep discussion about naming rights' and the hatchlings are placed into the warming box. After a few hours, they 'fluff' up and are ready for lots of 'cuddles'. The equipment is collected after 2 weeks & any chickens that have not already been 'adopted' out are returned. So much great feedback has been received.
Just before Easter, I visit my local pet store & 'borrow' 2 baby white rabbits for the day. The rabbits are very docile & sit quite happily on a hand towel and are passed to each resident. Wonderful for those in reclined chairs (or in bed) as they sit quite happily on the resident's laps or stomachs. We 'borrowed' 5 hens from a fodder store one day & set them up in the Activity room & reminisced about childhood experiences with chicken & then finished off by sharing our favorite chicken recipes! I'll save the pony visits & baby animal farm visit info for another day.