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Aged Care Facility From Queensland, Australia

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Domain 6th Jan 2014 Aged Care Facility


Dear Kerry, Try songs like Nut Bush and Actions to the Bullamacanka song Give me a Home amoung the Gum Trees. Cheers Leanne
LEanne 11th Nov 2013 Aged Care Facility

Horse Race Floor Game

Thank you for the idea of the game which we added our own slant to. We made the horse shoe track into a race track (as we have many players, both high and low care) and placed tokens on different squares, so when a player landed on that square , they read out a card which we also made. eg you have the best coloured silks, move forward one space or you dropped your crop, miss a turn. We threw in some funny ones as well for further enjoyment. We are lucky enough to have 26 soft toy horses, which we use for our sweeps, and each player had their own horse to move around the track. Great fun by all. Thanks.