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Christine 28th Aug 2013 Volunteer reader


Wonderful story Ron...I have also followed the link above - what a beautiful site. You have raised a gorgeous successful daughter with a giving caring heart...Congratulations.
Christine 28th Aug 2013 Volunteer reader

Stories Out of a Hat

Thank you...I love it. Christine.
Christine 6th Apr 2013 Volunteer reader

Poetry Club

I do reading once a month, usually theme based, and always manage to slip in a poem or two as well. My little group love performance poetry and the Australian Bush Poetry is really great for that. Enjoy.
Christine 6th Apr 2013 Volunteer reader this poem Ron. I am sure they will enjoy it! C
Christine 3rd Apr 2013 Volunteer reader


I do reading at a Nursing Home and I am wondering if anyone has any good stories to share. My group like poetry esp. Australian but I think I have done that to death. Humorous stories also seem popular.
What sort of other activities are there for those who are really visually they are too scared to go out anywhere in case they trip over something or "Whats the point?...I can't see anything anyway?"
Thank you. Christine.