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Diverional Therapy Coordinator From Queensland, Australia

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Beryl-Ann 17th Apr 2016 Diverional Therapy Coordinator

Mothers Day celebration ideas for high care

Thanks for the wonderful ideas. Great team work with everyone putting in their ideas.
Beryl-Ann 28th Nov 2015 Diverional Therapy Coordinator

Songs for Seniors Quiz

Thanks Joanne for your reply. Wow your project also sounds innovative. Cheers from
Beryl-Ann 22nd Nov 2015 Diverional Therapy Coordinator

Songs for Seniors Quiz

This is absolutely fantastic! Thank you for the time and effort that you have put into this project/activity. I have commenced collating the words from Elvis songs as well as country songs as this is very popular for our wonderful residents. Thank you once again for the effort you put into everything that you do to enable us to choose activities to suit the interests and needs of our residents and the best things is ready to be delivered. Well done. From Beryl-Ann
Beryl-Ann 2nd Nov 2015 Diverional Therapy Coordinator

Horse Racing Sweepstakes

Thank you for the informative steps in setting up a Melbourne Cup sweep. It is most helpful. Also the activities for the day are fantastic. Tried them last year and will do the same this year. Our residents really get into the spirit of the day. Many thanks in making our life so much easier otherwise designing these activities would take longer. Beryl-Ann