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Eryl 23rd Jan 2021 Lifestyle Facilitator

Lost in Translation Trivia

Bahahahaha!!!! That's hilarious. Looking forward to facilitating this one. Thanks for the giggle
Eryl AKA Pix. Activities Coordinator Western Australia
Eryl 28th Feb 2016 Lifestyle Facilitator

Match Songs with Artists: 1970s

Holy Crap!!!!!! I was dancing to these last night at a gig. :(

Eryl 5th Mar 2014 Lifestyle Facilitator

Maori Poi Balls

Just in the nick of time. I have had trouble with my computer and not been able to get in. I had planned this activity some time ago. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !!! Success this morning. We WILL be doing this for "Evening Program" today :D
Eryl 16th Dec 2013 Lifestyle Facilitator

Baby Boomers Song Quiz

Oh my God!!!!! Just reading this, I have now been reminded how old I am . hahahahahaha Thanks for that. ;)
Eryl 9th Dec 2013 Lifestyle Facilitator

Words in Words Game

Thanks for the idea ladies. I have a mixed bag program this afternoon, which is unfortunately going stale due to a turn over of residents. I think this one might be the shot.
Have a good day. :)
Eryl 27th May 2013 Lifestyle Facilitator

Australian inventions that changed the world

Rather liking this one as well... Clever Bunch, us Aussies. Thanks
Eryl 27th May 2013 Lifestyle Facilitator

Name Change of Countries and Places

This is a goodie :) Many thanks. will use it this afternoon.
Eryl 26th May 2013 Lifestyle Facilitator

Indigenous Australian Dot Paintings

Hi you clever people...We are going to try this activity by using chop sticks... let you know how we go... ps. just lovin' this site..:)