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Sharon 18th Jul 2018 Educator


We have discovered that some of our more able guys like to sort the jewelry out along with the ladies :) I purchased chunky junk jewelry from KMart and inexpensive jewelry drawer inserts from IKEA.
Also many guys like polishing shoes the old fashioned way.
Sharon 1st Mar 2014 Educator

How to motivate residents in long term care

Thoroughly recommend the Montessori for Dementia way of thinking as activities are devised for both enjoyment and to have a secondary therapeutic effect eg to maintain or restore movement. The Montessori way of thinking is the importance of having a role/job to do and to enable rather than disable. Activities for those in long term care should always be meaningful to that individual and in particular with those living with dementia must 'make sense' in light of the person's past. Activities which involve long hours of sitting 'viewing' should be avoided. That's not living, that's being baby-sat, and can lead to greater mobility & cognitive loss plus behaviours of unmet needs in the dementia unit. Lobby your workplace for more input from all staff, not just the OT department, to provide meaningful occupation throughout the day.
Sharon Gronow 6th Sep 2013 Educator

To be known as a Diversional Therapist these days you must have the Associate Degree in Diversional Therapy, and be registered. This will allow you to work with a variety of ages and in different settings. This is available through Charles Sturt Uni NSW (distance ed available). I have been an "activities officer" an OTA, a DiversionalTherapy Coordinator and a Lifestyle & Leisure Coordinator. Diversional Therapy sounds ok to me.