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Bob 8th Sep 2013 RAO

Horse Racing Sweepstakes

When I first started working as an RAO I came across a DVD horse racing game called Derby Day. I must say this was a great investment and I still use the DVD game today on a regular basis. For prizes I use chocolates, my ressies are chocaholics !
Bob 8th Sep 2013 RAO

School Days Reminiscing Cards

I tried this with my Men Group and usually they just sit there. This idea got them chatting immensely.
Thanks For This :)
Bob Howson 8th Sep 2013 RAO


Does anyone know of some great blank Monthly Calendar Templates ?
Bob Howson 8th Sep 2013 RAO

I once worked at a Catholic Health home where DT's were expected to do feeds in the high care area also help serve cuppers and stuff at tea time in the low care area. This was my last chore at the end of each day, but I didn't mind. When I was first offered the position of an RAO I couldn't believe I got paid for doing fun activities.
Bob Howson 23rd Apr 2013 RAO


Do you have Monthly Activity calendars templates that can be filled in with our own activities ?
Bob Howson