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WMB Allied HEalth 10th Dec 2013


Our clients enjoy Rummy-O [Rummy Cub] as well as dice games.
Each clients gets their own sheet to cross off their numbers.
Everest [or known as Mattwerhorn] 3dice
Printed sheet with two rows of squares numbered from 1-12 and
Each player in turn throws 3 dice and crosses off any values on their paper in either row and in any order they wish according to the values thrown.A player may use combinations of dice values or the value of a single die but each number rolled may only be used once. For example if a player has rolled 2,3, 5 they may cross off any of the following sets of numbers on their paper -
[a] 2,3,5 or [b] 5, 5 (2+3and 5) or [c] 2, 8 (2 and 5+3) or
[d]3, 7 (3 and 2+5) or [e] 10 (2+3+5)
The player who crosses off all twenty-four numbers first, wins the game.