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Dene 30th Oct 2018 Diversional Therapist

This Day in History for Seniors: November

My residents really love This Day in History, the memories come flooding out and they are sometimes amazed at themselves for remembering things when prompted by a bit of news. When is the December Day in History going to be out please? Keep up the great work this is an awesome site, I have used so much from here over the years.
Dene 17th May 2016 Diversional Therapist


Hi Donna,

I think inside the room is best for privacy, on a wall that can be seen by people entering the room.
I do a fairly detailed Life Map which has personal pictures and dates relevant to the resident. These are A4 size printed on gloss paper and framed behind glass. They are hung in each residents room and are a great tool for care staff, volunteers etc to read and be able to converse with a resident especially a dementia resident on things specific to them. The families also speak very highly of the life maps and its something nice to give the family once their loved one has passed on. I have had a number of thank you letters from family members in regard to the Life Map.
Dene 15th Mar 2016 Diversional Therapist


Hi Andrea, We are an aged care hospital and the abilities of our residents are very limited. For our exercise programme we use an Octaband, which is made from lycra, multi coloured, has either eight or sixteen arms and is mainly for the upper body exercise. We incorporate leg movements for those that can. We purchased ours from America but if you Google Octaband you can find out where to obtain one. Our residents really enjoy their exercise programme using the Octaband. Hope this is helpful.

Dene 20th Dec 2014 Diversional Therapist


Hi Monireh. I am Diversional Therapist and Manager of a team of 4 and approx 50 volunteers at a facility in New Zealand. I used to use a Progress Note system but found that my staff spent far too much time doing notes when they could of been with residents. In the end I made up a tick sheet that is used on a monthly basis, it has all the main activities that we do plus areas for additional activities if needed. Everhy resident has their own tick sheet for the month and the back has an area for exceptions. If anything out of the ordinary happens, or they do a face to face etc a brief note is left. This system has worked really well for our facility for over 3 years now and we have passed audit with flying colours every time. Hope this has been helpful. Kia Ora, Dene
Dene 11th Sep 2013 Diversional Therapist


Hi, I think this is a great site for resources so am hoping for lots of replies to my request. I work in a CCU Hospital and am starting up a new mens group. I would like to hear of ideas that this group could tackle. The group are quite elderly and frail but would all benefit from male activities and contact.


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