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RAO From New South Wales, Australia

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Anita 13th Nov 2013 RAO

Stealing Bundles Card Game

I tried to play this card game with two age care residents today. It did not work for us. The game does not flow. We could not work out why.
Tonight I tried it out at home with my sister. She is clever at working things out.... same result, the game stalled, did not flow and we could not work it.
Are there more explanations? Can you help?
So far I have only confused my residents but would like to be able to go back to them and give a solution to our impass.
Thanks, regards, Anita S.
RAO in a low care residential aged care facility, Sydney.
Anita 13th Sep 2013 RAO

At our residential aged care facility we regularly offer a "Men's Yarn with the caretaker and the chef" (1 hour just men and a light beer). They all show up and the conversation is constant.