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About Chelsea: The best 75 bed facility in Sunraysia!

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Sue 27th Jun 2013 Aged Care

Thank you so much for your link it is one of the most inspirational story I have seen and I will pass it on to my fellow workers.
Sue 30th May 2013 Aged Care

Postcard Exchange Program

Hi We tried to a Skype invite to other facility's to cater for different ethnic groups but unfortunately I didn't have any interest with other facility's . I would be interested in the postcard exchange and also Skype . thanks
Sue 24th May 2013 Aged Care

Handbag Clean-Up

What a fantastic idea . I had a great reaction from the elder men when I set a surprise box filled items such as keys wallets, and coins out for them to rummage through . I can see that the hand bag cleaning should have a similar reaction but I didn't think of it so thank you :)