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Recreation Therapist From Victoria, Australia

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Ruth 19th Jul 2014 Recreation Therapist

Recycled CD Fish Mobile

We did this craft activity & they look fantastic! We hung 4 underneath
each other & they look really affective.
Great activity!
Ruth 25th May 2014 Recreation Therapist

Coin Toss Challenge

Our group loved this game & the residents loved adding up the scores
to see who won.
We also turned the numbers over so you couldn't see & the residents really got into the excitement of it not knowing whether you threw a 12 or a 1.
Great fun had by all!
Ruth 25th May 2014 Recreation Therapist

Epson Salt Bottles

We tried this activity yesterday & then was wanting to complete it today
but even though the epsom salts were dry, when you picked the bottles up the epson salts would come off. Hasn't been a huge success.