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Adelina 31st Jan 2017 Recreation Activity Officer

Letters of the Alphabet Templates

I thought I can't find it, Thanks.. very helpfull.
Adelina 21st Feb 2016 Recreation Activity Officer

Match Songs with Artists: 1970s

Great idea, but a little bit too modern. 50's till 70's would be a good ideal. Thanks for sharing.
Adelina 29th Nov 2014 Recreation Activity Officer

Christmas Colouring-in

Thank for the you Xmas Templates very useful, I used in LC area and Dementia section painted and laminated, residents were enjoyed very much that they could see their job done hanging every where inside the facility.
Adelina 2nd Sep 2013 Recreation Activity Officer

Bow Ties for Father's Day and Special Events

I made Bow tie from old ladies Handkerchief for my male HC residents they look so Handsome with their Bow tie on, their facial expressions looks very bright and Happy we had Fathers Day Raffle tickets draw and entertainment it was a big day for my residents....We had a successful day....Thanks Golden Carers web site helps me a lot of ideas..
Adeline 2nd Jan 2013 Recreation Activity Officer

Create your own Word Search!

I will try this for my residents...will see the result.