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Recreation therapist From New South Wales, Australia

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RAO Pembroke 16th Jan 2023 Recreation therapist

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RAO 26th Jul 2020 Recreation therapist


You really provide an eclectic mix of activities, events and celebrations for your members to choose from; promoting a holistic regard to the individual, encompassing cultures, inclusion and promoting skills and abilities. You are always my "first point of call" and I thank you!!
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RAO 10th Sep 2019 Recreation therapist


Try bocci - this is an outdoor lawn game - I'm sure your resident will be familiar with it. It may also encoueage the other male residents to participate as well; providing some healthy competition. Residents with limited mobility (requiring walkers or wheelchairs) are able to participate by modifying the game to the individual. Good luck and have fun! Cheers Sharon RAO Minto NSW