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Jennie 18th Jun 2014 Recreation Coordinator

Brazilian Art Templates

I need to know what the coloured flags look like -coloured -in!!!
Jennie 22nd May 2014 Recreation Coordinator

How to make a Dream Catcher

My residents found the web too difficult to make. So next time we used a nice piece of lace which we attatched to the ring before adding the dangles. They looked beautiful!
Jennie 13th Apr 2014 Recreation Coordinator


We did Talk like a Pirate Day last year! The residents really got into it. Talking like a pirate is fun -savvy?
My team all dressed up as pirates and residents wore eye patches (cut out printed paper and elastic) and temporary tattoos.
We marked the day with pirate quizzes, a wheelchair sword fight (foam), changed our Aussie flag to the jolly roger, watched the movie 'Pirates of the Carribbean' and sang some rollicking sea shanties. What shall we do with that drunken’ sailor?! The day concluded with a swashbuckling outdoor party complete with rum balls and a cursed pirate ship (cardboard & crepe paper) for residents to destroy with cannon balls (wet newspaper). Arrrrr!
daz 9th Jul 2013 Recreation Coordinator


Has anyone completed the "spark of life" progam?