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Sharon 26th Dec 2018 Lifestyle co-ordinator

8 Hot and Cold Drinks to Share in Good Company

We often make fruit smoothies for our residents. (Specially on the hot days) For those with dietary requirements we add thickner to. Our residents love love it. We use a stick blender. We cut up the fruit but give the residents some fruit to cut up and eat (hygiene/infection).
Sharon 12th Jun 2018 Lifestyle co-ordinator


Hi Joanna, we have a consent form for the newsletter and social media. There are residents that do not want their photos published in either format. Children we err on the side of safety. Newsletter only with no facial recognition (photo taken preferably from the back of the group) . Check with the FM as there could possibly be policies and procedures regarding consent and photographs.
Sharon 25th Apr 2017 Lifestyle co-ordinator


Hi Trish,
Not sure what the price range is that you are able to accommodate. Morning melodies, at the different hotels, have certain entertainers that would be accommodating to fit into your price range.
Sharon 14th Oct 2014 Lifestyle co-ordinator


Hi Janlyn, I have printed 2-3 race horses from google and laminated them with a famous race horse name and number on the bak. I stand them up in milk bottle tops. (cut the top on both sides). I have drawn a race track on a sheet (idea from Montesori) (like manopoly) with a comments in a few squares, "don't move horse lame", move 2 back horse on toilet break etc. Hopes this makes sense.

Sharon 2nd Oct 2014 Lifestyle co-ordinator


We had a resident that showed the same behaviour. We found out that he used to be a boxer which meant that he would often have had massages. We brought a person in to give him a massage (family paid) which alleviated the behaviour. Perhaps worth a try.
Good luck, would like to know if any method you try is successful.
Sharon 13th May 2014 Lifestyle co-ordinator


Hi Meredith, The english Woman's weekly has normally got two short stories in. Also Chicken Soup for the Soul - there are a few different books published with 1-1 !/2 page stories . Thanks Sharon
Sharon 21st Jan 2014 Lifestyle co-ordinator


Hi Michelle,
Our facility has a nail clipper and emery board for each resident. The items are kept in a separate container with the resident's name, in the nurses station. Please buy a large clipper and not the small one. The resident's nails are quite hard and thick and when cutting with the smaller clippers the nails can split. Sharon
Sharon 18th Dec 2013 Lifestyle co-ordinator


Hi, We have tried to find carpeting but to no avail. I bought carpeting at Bunnings which was too narrow. Our handy man stuck the two pieces together with special carpet tape and it works perfectly. Cost us about $50. Sharon
Sharon 14th Jul 2013 Lifestyle co-ordinator

Spot the Differences Contest

New idea for me. Yes, I could keep quite a few residents busy. Thanks