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Svenne 20th Feb 2015 Diversional Therapist

Water Trivia, Facts and Figures

Great work to whoever compiled this fact sheet. Thank You!
Svenne 20th Oct 2014 Diversional Therapist

Share your Poems

Hi, and thank you so much for the info about the website. I love the poems, especially the one about my Rememberer. A funny true story. I got to know a family from Africa but had forgotten one of their boys name when I saw them the next week. So I asked, sorry I forgot your name when I greeted that son . He said remember so I replied, 'no sorry I don't remember, can you help me'?He said again remember which I thought was a bit cheeky. I can't remember how I asked again to find out his name but I remember being a bit annoyed at this youngster, till he finally said My name is Remember.
Now I work with a lady called Memory in the office - and I haven't mixed the names up yet!
Svenne 11th Mar 2014 Diversional Therapist

Share your Poems

This are 2 poems written by my mother - translated from German into English

The first one was a birthday gift to me, I loved soap bubbles - but I read into it also a description of thoughts of a mother regarding the relationship to a child

Soap bubble
delicate breath
you're born through my mouth
driven by wind
to fly upward
and while floating you're already lost

Soap bubble
play with me
peculiar is your colour shimmer
transparent your shine - but
soon your light reverses

Soap bubble
child's dream
you are not coming back to me
still hovering there
and already you're gone
staying only as reflection in my glance

the second one is called SLEEP

Silent sleep, God's soothing balm
Enfold my thinking tenderly
and all the sorrow that I have
instill your balm into me

Let me stay weightlessly
let life's picturesque dream
pass by - undreamed -
I have enough of the reality

I want to hibernate
to be completely spun into your being
You're waiting behind my eyelashes
still being alive - means you are with me.

Translating a poem is always tricky as to weigh up distorting the original words for the sake of rhyme. I am happy for suggestions if anyone has any.
Svenne 5th Mar 2014 Diversional Therapist

World Globe Coloring & Captions

I like this activity very much and it is something for clients who can't do much in the craft realm.
Good way to stimulate discussion.
Thank you