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Kaye 14th Jan 2015


Hi all, i was wondering if anyone could help me out, Im trying to put together a sensory box, my problem being Im not sure what sort of things to put into this box, would be greatful for any suggestions ....
Thank You
Kaye 14th Aug 2013

Hi Chantel,
There is a lovely lady that comes into the facility where I work, her name is Robyn and im sure she would love to come into your facility and show the clothes, bags, jewellery, underwear, all sorts of things, in fact they have a great collection of Ladies' and Men's Fashions and Accessories that the residents can get as presents for loved ones or just to pamper themselves. the residents here have a ball trying on the clothes and jewellery.
The business name is
Ma & Pa Fashions for more information call Robyn on
(02) 4862 3237 or 0405 455 377
Hope this has been some help
Kind Regards