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Sheree 10th Feb 2015 Activities Co-ordinator

I Love You in different languages

Ich LIEBE dich
Sheree 10th Feb 2015 Activities Co-ordinator

15 Ways to Celebrate World Prayer Day

Great ideas - Thanks so much!
Sheree 19th Jun 2014 Activities Co-ordinator

10 Ways to Improve Activity Participation

John I think you're right about people thinking 'touch' is not the done thing but I say 'Pah!'. Humans NEED physical connection with other humans - especially in care where the most likely human touch they receive is getting bums wiped and assistance with bathing! I am always hugging my participants, I squeeze their hands, put my arms around them and tell them I love them. I often kiss them goodbye and shake hands when we finish a session. It is pure affection and they respond to it well. I have had the most amazing responses from this approach - including reduced 'challenging behaviour'. I think it's all about sharing love and we should do more of it.
Sheree 31st May 2014 Activities Co-ordinator


Susan & Karen - can you email me at: [email protected]
I'd really like to make contact with some UK activities people.
Sheree 6th May 2014 Activities Co-ordinator


Hello Sue - I am also in the UK - which area do you work in? Maybe we could make contact and support each other?
Sheree 22nd Apr 2014 Activities Co-ordinator

Phrases coined by William Shakespeare

And when you've done the research, Kym, please could you share it with us? Thank You!
Sheree 18th Mar 2014 Activities Co-ordinator

Recycled carton Bird Feeder

What a lovely idea!
Sheree 7th Jan 2014 Activities Co-ordinator

Chinese Symbols Chain or Poster

Cassie - when you print out the templates, it says what the symbols mean e.g. Luck, Dragon, Health
Sheree 25th Sep 2013 Activities Co-ordinator

Margaret - I'm sorry but I don't agree with your comment to Patricia 'You should enjoy it so much you can't help yourself'. It's not a requirement for anyone to be unpaid in their employment whether they love it or not. I'm sure most people are happy to put in a little extra time but not if it becomes an expectation - that just devolves responsibility away from the employer. No I don't think she has burn out either, I just think she's being assertive and standing up for her employment rights. I wish more people were like her and then this 'profession' would get the salary and status it deserves.
Sheree 12th Sep 2013 Activities Co-ordinator

I work in the UK and the attitude of management is pretty much the same. I have worked in many environments and generally there is the expectation that you'll 'volunteer' your time when needed (rather than management putting on extra staff or paying for longer hours). I love this work but the pay and conditions are terrible!