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About Debra : Retiring April 2016 after 30 years working in Aged Care in a variety of roles. Dementia and Lifestyle being my passions in care.

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Debra 30th Sep 2014 Volunteer

Doll Therapy and Dementia

I have always been an advocate of Doll Therapy however have also experienced the down side which was usually caused by individual staff who did not understand the therapeutic benefit and sabotaged the experience for the resident. Totally agree you need to very carefully pick your residents and monitor closely to gauge reactions. I have been told off soundly when saying how beautiful 'she' is when it is a 'boy'. Also love the term 'Nuture Therapy' which removes the stigma of childlike. I have also witnessed this therapy work extraordinarily well with certain men with behavioural issues, (more around looking after/nursing than caring tasks)
Debra 12th Aug 2014 Volunteer

Weather Station Activities for Seniors

Thought I would share this one as it is the only one I know!

Red sky at night Shepherd's delight
Red sky in morning Shepherd's Warning

Debbie, Brisbane Qld.
Debra 4th Feb 2014 Volunteer


Hi Kerry,
also try BoxnDice Activity Resources, they have a large selection of Singalong DVD's